Summer 2012

Hi, just to let you know overall I got a C which means I get into my first choice uni!  Thanks for all the help you have given me!

overall it is an A! Thank you so much for your help, I really appreciate it!

Overall I'm pleased... Thanks for all your help, I'll be in touch.

I have got a placement as an electrician in llandrillo college , thank you for asking and all of your help , its appreciated :)

They went well, in Maths I got an overall A! :) C2 I got a high B & in stats I got an A, so thankyou very much for your help! 

Just to let you know I graduated with a 2:1 and could not have done it without your help!

She got an A in Maths! Thanks for all your help! She couldn't have done it without you!
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Thanks so much for your support and patience.

*** got full marks in both papers! How good is that!... Over the moon... I know this will be a huge boost to her confidence!

Thanks very much for all of your help. You have done a really great job.

She says she really enjoys the subject and that together with the school tutors and yourself she thinks it's made a real difference to her understanding and exam technique.  So thank you for all your time and effort in assisting her over the last month or so.

Felicity's quote: " Mr. Oakes is ace. I was getting D's and E's and without him I wouldn't have got my A."

My 13 year-old son went for a course of maths lessons at Oakes Tutors and Consultancy as I was concerned that he was not fulfilling his potential. Not only has he maintained his place in set 1; he has also achieved 97-100 percent in every maths test taken in the six months since the course completion! Now his younger brother is attending classes for a thorough grounding and confidence boost at the start of Key Stage 3, and I would recommend the Consultancy to anyone in similar circumstances. Olimbia Morris - Parent

Hi Dominic, ***** here, thought I would let you know how my results went. I got ABB, which is more than i needed for uni!! .... Thanks for all your help, couldnt of dreamed of those grades without it!

 "amazing revision day :) actually understand everything to do with C1 now :) strongly advise anyone struggling with C2 to go thursday"

"Excellent revision"

"A very fun day that was worth every penny"

"Extremely helpful, I now understand all of the questions and look forward to the C2 revision"

"Mr Oakes helped me understand the maths behind the algebra and formulas"

“S was getting C’s in tests - she’s now getting A’s”

"Thanks Mr Oakes – I’m very appreciative of your assistance – that was the first time I’ve seen my daughter open up and actually talk about maths!"

“I was really happy with these results, it was such a relief ... Thanks for all your help.”

“I was really pleased with my results, I felt I was prepared for the exams and got better than I originally thought I would”
Winter A-Level Revision Classes 2012

Thank you for the fantastic tuition and mentoring that you've given to Rob for the past year. He passed his 11+ for grammar school with a very high mark, and after a further year of maths tuition, he is very well prepared for the fast academic pace of his new school

Knowing my ambition was to attend university to study Mathematics I felt that a more in-depth and rigorous knowledge of the topics that I was studying at A-Level Maths and Further Maths would be invaluable. Dominic provided this. He was also able to provide help with Physics A-Level topics when needed. His enthusiastic, friendly yet relaxed methods of teaching made the sessions enjoyable. He was able to ensure that the basic topic was secure and then progress onto very deep and challenging mathematics. The ability to email problems when encountered and receive a reply within 24 hours was useful and made the study time more efficient. Dominic helped me achieve A*AAAbb, exceeding the grades I needed to enter my Masters course at the University of St Andrews. Not only has he helped me with my A-Levels, he has insisted that I get in touch if I ever encounter a problem with my degree and this support is very welcome and comforting.

 Ben did very well he got a good A in physics and he did well in other exams overall ... Thanks for your help it def helped ben to up his grade and we were really pleased that he did so well in physics.

thanks very much! thanks for all your help too much appreciated.

Thank you so much for all the help over the last year, I know I wouldn't have got the grades I did without it.

Hi Dominic just to say thank you for the help you gave Liam, he got 2 A* & 2A and has his place in Manchester

Thankyou so much for all your help!

Nick is cock-a-hoop with his A from the resits.  Well done to you.  He has no doubt that your help was instrumental in gaining this.  He also acknowledges that you have helped him in his more relaxed and mature approach overall - which we are sure will be a big bonus as he goes into 6th form.

Hi Dominic, we just wanted to inform you Arran passed his CE Exams and performed well in his Kings maths paper (86% and 94% = 90% average). ... There was nothing he did not know. Thank you for your help.

Just to let you know dominic that Tesni got an A* in her maths GCSE with a total ums score of 183.  Thank you for all your help.  She is now taking additional maths in the summer so i am sure we will call on your services soon.
Classes 2013-14
Receiving the packs on each topic was very beneficial and helped me target my weak spots

The mind map was good for seeing what needed to be learnt

excellent! It was really helpful and helped me become a more confident mathematician

Really good and the one to one tuition helps with everything you don’t understand

Really useful; well worth coming!

The revision session made clear all the small points that made a difference to understanding the whole question. Usually I knew how to do most of it but the revision session allowed me to go further than I could ever have gone.

Really suggest coming to the session. It really helps everyone from if you need help with everything to just brushing up.

Really helped me consolidate my knowledge, thank you

Really helped to boost my confidence ready for the exam. Would recommend to anyone who is worrying about the exam at all

Mr Oakes has managed to teach me some very important parts of maths whilst keeping it interesting and fun

If I didn’t understand, it was explained thoroughly
Im sorry it took me a while to send this, I have been having some problems with my e-mail. I just wanted to say that I got an A in my maths exam and i was 2.5% off an A*! Thank you for all of the help that you gave me, i am taking A-level maths and i will probably be coming back to you before that because you where extremely helpful, I couldn't have done it without you. I will be retaking my exam in the summer to try and get get the A*.

Just thought that you would like to know that *** received her results today and got an A*.  Many thanks for all your support and guidance in helping her to achieve this grade and she will see you next Monday.
GCSE Revision Classes Nov 2014
100% Excellent rating

I was given help thoroughly on the more challenging questions

Explained the work clearly

Dominic you were very helpful and understanding

You worked through the questions clearly

You have given us lots of past papers to work through to help us along

I had guidance on the stuff I was stuck on
A-Level Easter Classes 2015
It made it very easy to learn; the class size was small which guaranteed a lot of one-to-one tutoring

A very friendly environment, whilst being a good place to learn

Any issues I had with understanding a topic were dealt with. Many resources to help with revision were provided to me.
Summer Exams 2015
I would like to say thank you for your hard work in helping me to get the best out of my a-level exams, and wish you good luck in the future.

Hi Dominic, Sorry I was meant to email you earlier! I got an A in maths!!  A* in bio and A in chemistry :)  thank you so much for all your help throughout the past two years! Really appreciate it.I will be off to Keele this September for medicine. 

Just to let you know that Tes got an A in her maths at AS level.

I have an unconditional to the BEng, ... with the best part of my exams being Maths and Physics , I can't thank you enough! Thank you for all of your help with my subjects and my studies! I hope that we will be able to keep in touch, and hopefully I will next be speaking to you from Notts!

Hi, Daniel got a good B in his GCSE Maths and will be doing AS Maths, will need your help!

Ed is very proud of his B in maths!!!! Thank you so much for all your input over the past year. Confidence is key and only after your sessions did he get some self belief he could do it! Thank you!

Hi Ellena got a B in her maths, she is so happy, as it was such a hard paper. She's really pleased overall and got results in maths and English now for Uni. Thank you for all your help

Laura got - Maths A*, Physics A. Many thanks for your help. What date are we due to start back?

Hi Mr.Oakes, I just got my science results for year 10, I got an A in Biology, a B in Physics and a B in Chemistry, thank you so much for your help, I can’t believe I got a B in chemistry, thank you so much. I couldn’t of done it without your constant help and support!!!

Milly achieved her distinction in Ad Maths and she’s absolutely delighted. I don’t know if you’re aware but she actually managed to do the 2 hour paper in 1 hour 10.

Hi Dom just letting you know I've done much better this year. I've got a B in physics and I think a B on maths overall. Ive also got my B a level in Ict. :))
Summer Exams 2016
Thanks for all the help you gave me getting my results.

Thanks again for all your support - both academic and pastoral. We are sure *** wouldn't have done anywhere near as well without your particular brand of tutoring. We will keep in touch.

Thanks for all your help I wouldn’t have done it without you. 

A massive than you for your support in helping *** to pass his A-levels. He has been accepted by Swansea Uni, due in no small part to the extra tuition. He always attended very happily, and made it clear how much this contributed to his understanding & confidence.

Overall I got a B in Maths, which was perfect, just what I needed:) ... I just wanted to say thank you for the help, I really appreciate it.

Exams went well, overall grade of B for AS maths, very happy and wanting to turn this into an A for yr 13 and final grade.

Thank you for all your help.
Classes Summer 2015
100% Excellent rating

Just found out my Additional Maths result - 95%, best in my school although I wasn’t top of the class in previous tests before the Tutorial.

An excellent day, providing answers to the most difficult questions

I am much more confident with my maths

Constant help & immediate attention

Methods & examples explained thoroughly

Comfortable, fun & welcoming atmosphere

Helpful & concise explanations

I would strongly suggest attending these revision days, whether you want to hone your skills or get a kick up the bum, you will get a lot out of these sessions

Well explained help on questions I was stuck on

Clear explanations
GCSE Revision Classes Nov 15

100% Excellent rating

Everything thoroughly explained

Excellent 6 hour session ahead of exam with incredible help throughout

Definitely worth every penny

Full help & thorough guidance

Friendly & comfortable atmosphere

Would recommend to other students

Very good extra tuition, much recommended